Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Highway 6 Deli

Out for a Saturday ride with no real destination. I wind up by the town of Vernon and start following dirt roads to ...who knows where? Total dirt riding for the day was around 35 miles, more than enough for me.
I forgot my camera so these are taken with my cell phone cam.

The Black Rock Canyon road.
While I was stopped here a guy in a Toyota FJ crawled around me and kept going up the hill.
 This is far enough for my dirt skills, I do a 400 point turn-around here.
After that road I decide it's time to head for home, but when passing through Eureka I see this hole-in-the-wall deli.
It is small, different, and not crowded.....just the way I like em!
I turn a U-ey and go in.
They have a menu of several sandwiches. The owner told me, 'if you want something not on the menu, I'll try to fix it for you..'.
But, I just got the burger - they made certain it was fixed the way I wanted it. My face and hands were a mess when I was you know it was good!
They have a unique gift shop. This photo is from outside on the sidewalk.There are lots of other interesting things to see on a stroll through this quaint old town.
 The Highway 6 Deli. Eureka, south end of town...worth the ride! 
Not a lot of miles, a tad under 200, but a fun and tasty day!


Andrew Thomson said...

I likes the looks of that track!

bob skoot said...


How I wished that we had small towns like that. I like to explore too but it seems that all old stuff is demolished to make way for new stuff so we have so little history left.

Lately when I see tracks like "that" one, I wished I had a wr250x . Vstroms are too heavy . . .

Riding the Wet Coast

Ken said...

Andrew - Thanks for reading, I would have preferred a lighter bike, but it was fun!

Bob - Agreed, too often we tear down instead of re-model and re-use. I hope to ride Rt 66 this Summer of Fall, lots of old towns along that road. Thanks for reading.

Valerie said...

Just went to the same deli yesterday and thought I'd look it up online. Nice review with awesome pics!

Ken said...

Valerie - I rode past that deli again a few weeks ago, but sadly didn't have time to stop.
Thanks for stopping by and commenting.