Friday, July 9, 2010

Couples Ride to Arizona June 7-12, 2010

For our second annual couples trip we decided to go to Arizona. Beverly and I on our Nomad, Brent and Julie White on their Gold HD, Rooster and Wendy Jensen on the Wing, and Ken and Jan White on the black HD. What a beautiful day to start our week long ride!

Leaving our house we jumped on I-15 for until Spanish Fork Canyon. Then we took hwy 89 and headed south. Highway 89 is sometimes called the "National Park Highway" as it links 7 National Parks during its 1252 mile north/south stretch across the West, also 14 other National Parks and Monuments can be reached from this highway. It is a mostly two lane road that wanders through small towns, and country settings. If I'm on the bike I take 89 whenever I can. Utahs' part of 89 is no different, I love the laid back feel, and slower pace felt on this road.
We stopped for lunch at a favorite place of mine, Hoovers near Marysvale on hwy 89. The workers there wear shirts that say, "Remember, it's Hoovers, not Hooters". It is a super place to eat. After the good lunch we departed for Zion National Park. We arrived at the park in the late afternoon. Zion is another beautiful, relaxed ride that, if you allow it, will cleanse your soul.

Established as a National Park in 1919, Zion is home to 289 species of birds, and 19 types of bat, and many other animals. We were 8 of the 2.8 million visitors that the park has annually.

We stayed overnight in Hurricane ("Herkun") and left the next morning for the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. On the way we made another nice lunch stop at Jacob Lake.

Brent and Julie have their own color coordinated support vehicle to carry luggage and extra necessities of life...

Just kidding! :) After the North Rim we headed east to Pipe Springs National Monument.

We spent that night at the Cave Dwellers Lodge at Lees' Ferry. The lodging was...ok, but the dinner was very nice! The only bad part was when Beverly stumbled and fell on a bench. She had a HUGE bruise on her shoulder.
This place was just north of our lodging, I don't know their rates, but if their showers were better than at the Cave Dwellers I would have taken it!

On to the Navajo bridge that crosses the Colorado river.

The usual suspects.

One of numerous places we passed on this trip where one can purchase Native American jewelry, and other assorted items.

In the background you can see the modern bridge that replaced the Navajo bridge.
Next up was lunch (seems like we made a LOT of lunch stops!) at Camerons' trading post. Lots of things to buy in there, including rugs from $10,000 to $90,000 We didn't get one as it would not fit on the bike....phew!

Here is a view of the Grand Canyon, south rim. If it looks big that's because it is! The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long and between 4 to 18 miles across. We thought we could see where we had been the day before on the north rim.

We climbed up this tower.

Inside the tower. Beverly, Wendy, and Rooster.

Blurry pic of Beverly and graffiti...

Spent that night in Flagstaff Az. Dinner at a mexican place, here is Jan showing just how big her appetite is!

The next day while Jan, Wendy, and Beverly relaxed at the hotel, the rest of us rode down to Sedona. I had read about the "Vortexes'" there about 25 years ago and have wanted to see them ever since. A vortex is (according to the Sedona visitors guide); 'A hot spot of natural energy...and are believed to create positive, negative and neutral releases of the Earth's energy and evoke balance, a heightened sense of awareness and an awaking of the spirit'.
Sedona has 4 major Vortexes, we visited the Cathedral Rock Vortex.
Visiters place these rocks as part of the experience..
My contribution...
Waiting for my enlightenment....

Julie, Brent and Kenny patiently waiting for me to be enlightened. It only LOOKS like they are laughing!

The enlightenment didn't happen, maybe next time.
On our way back to the bikes.

Cathedral Rock from afar.

Leaving Sedona we go to Page Az, and spend the night there. We have dinner on a restuarant that floats on Lake Powell.

Leaving Page, the bridge crossing behind the Glen Canyon Dam

Wendy goes all out for this pic! Jan offers encouragement.

We stop in Salina Ut for our last night of the trip, dinner at Moms.

Head for home the next day. Great trip, great company, and (mostly) great roads!


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What a fun trip!

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Great job on the new blog!
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