Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ride, shoot, ride. II

Son Jacob, his wife Tiffany and my nephew Joshua are going south to Front Sight in Pahrump, Nevada for some firearms training.
The other three will drive down, I grab the opportunity to go for a ride and leave a day early. I stop and see Kolob Canyon, an extension of Zion National Park.

Day one
 Day two

Some pix in Kolob canyon;

 Next stop is St George, Utah where I'll spend the night. This is a picture of the St George LDS Temple.
 Next morning on my way to China Ranch, I see these two beauties on the road.

The road into China Ranch.

 China Ranch is a date farm, to which they've added some things to make it a cool destination. I don't stay long, but do I have a date shake with bananas and walnuts....delicious!
More pix of China Ranch;

Then I'm on my way to the house we've rented for the four days we'll be in the course at Front Sight.
Our temporary digs, I park Gen and she sits for the next four days;

The Koi pond in the back yard.
 The next morning we are off to Front Sight...
 ...where we have a ball shooting, loading, shooting...shooting, loading, shooting.. You get the point..
(we also did do a lot of skill building, and safety exercises)

 Joshua does extremely well for his first time through.
Tiffany pretends to pout at her score....which was better than any of the rest of us.
 After we finish day four we reward ourselves with a dinner at Mom's diner in Pahrump. The chicken fried steak was EXCELLENT!
 On the way home the next day I have biscuits N gravy with eggs at Jewels' in New Harmony..... very nice!

1100 miles and 650 rounds of fun! I really enjoyed spending time with Jacob, Tiffany and Joshua. 
I can't wait for the next course....


RichardM said...

The date farm looks pretty interesting and a nice place to stop. I think its been something like 40 years since I had a date shake.

Looks like a great trip!

Trobairitz said...

Fun times. The date farm would be pretty cool to see. The shake definitely sounds tasty.

The sun shining off the cliff/canyon walls sure looks pretty.

Ken said...

Richard - That was my first date shake..I'll get another next time I go, it was great!

Trobairitz - A person could spend a lot of time at China ranch. They have some hikes that I haven't done. Apparently a couple of the hikes are fairly intense.

Thanks for reading!