Saturday, November 29, 2014

The "Annual" After Turkey Dinner Backpack trip

Annual is in quotation marks because I didn't go for a few years...  I've decided to try and breath some life into what once was a tradition for me and go on the annual trek again.
So, like in years past, I invite my kids. Two are willing to indulge me, Will and Theron. Theron brings two of his brothers-in-law, Cade 16, and Kelton 14.
(The map only shows our route from I-15, the total miles were around 300 each way)

We are going to hike to a natural arch in Escalante Grand Staircase. The trail head is on Utah SR 12. 
Will has a motorcycle accident about 8 years ago on this corner, so we stop to reminisce and tease him about it. He received some heavy duty bruising and was sore for a good while. But whether it was good luck or blessings from on high, a few inches either way and it could have been so much worse.
And even more luck or blessings, his bike incurred only minor damage.
 Then on to the trail head where we 'ruck-up'.
Pictures along the way. The trail crosses the Escalante River numerous times. We are not hiking the whole trail so we only have to cross 4 or 5 times...I can't remember exactly.

Along the trail the river is never higher than four feet or so, during the winter it is only up to our knees, but the water is COLD!

 The Arch. I love this place.
 You have to cross the river here to get to the arch.
 Looking up from underneath the arch.
 When we get to our campsite I hang my shoes upside down so the water can run out. But it gets cold fast when the sun goes down and the shoes, laces, and everything else in camp soon freezes. It was a cold night, but once the sun came back up all was .....well, sunny again!
It was a fun trip but I don't know if next years destination will be the same place. Maybe I'll just rent a cabin with a LARGE fireplace, and a driveway that ends two feet from the front door...  


Trobairitz said...

What a great idea.

How many miles did you guys actually hike?

The scenery sure is beautiful and it was nice to see the sunshine.

Ken said...

Trobairitz - only 4 total miles. The trail starts at the town of Escalante and goes for 15 miles to where we started. Then for the hearty backpacker you can go another 70 miles to Lake Powell. I haven't done that portion, but its on my bucket list (in small tentative print...). Yes the sun was nice to see, and day time temps were perfect, but it got SO cold at night... ahh well, thats the price we pay. :)