Thursday, December 11, 2014

Topaz and back.

The weather is still nice. Second week in December and its in the 60s....sweet!
I decided to ride out to the west desert.
I see this beauty along the way.
 I turn off of pavement at Faust, and onto the Pony Express Trail.
 Simpson Springs was a pony express stop back in the day.
 A description of the horses.
 A couple miles down the road I see this wild horse, I wonder if it is a progeny of one of Satan's imps....
I turn off the PET here and go south...sort of.
 Then at this curvy section I get sidetracked and start following a faded double track trail.

 Then I follow another even more faded double track to this dead end...this would be a nice place to camp. There is even a fire ring already.
 The clouds are threatening, and I'm burning daylight...I need to get home... But where am I? I fire up the GPS and it leads me out....whew!
(Topaz Mt area.)
 I fluff the tires back up at the power plant and beat it back home.
268 total miles, 60 of that on dirt. A nice ride, next time maybe I'll take my tent and toothbrush!


Trobairitz said...

Now that looks like a fun day out on two wheels.

I am envious of your temps. We have had temps in the 50's but that comes with Oregon rains. Heavy rains lately. .34 of an inch yesterday alone. Sigh. Still not as bad as Northern California right now though.

Ken said...

Tro - Normally we'd have snow on the ground about now. This is unusual, but welcome weather, but we need the water for the summer... *sigh...*