Thursday, August 20, 2015

To Hell and back.

I want to scout a location for next years V-Strom Cache Rally.

Don, aka Nvr2old has suggested an RV park in Enterprise, Oregon. Of course all this is just another weak excuse to go for a ride, but a weak excuse is better than no excuse, so off I go. I'll  meet Don at Enterprise, and he will show me some of the good riding in the area (using a map, we won't have time on this trip to actually ride them).

((The 3rd annual Cache Rally will be held in Enterprise. If you ride you are welcome to join us June 25 - 26, 2016))

Unfortunately from my house to Boise, Idaho is the Black Hole of motorcycling...there is no good choice, but it is the quickest way to Oregon. maps (at the end of this post) start and end at the Freeway so I can show the good riding. 

Enterprise is a goodly distance from my house, so I make it a two day ride. I ride 400 miles and then stop in Sand Hollow, Idaho for the first night.

The one eatery in Sand Hollow. You could stop here for the friendly conversation, the waitresses pretty smile or her bounteous cleavage, but don't stop here expecting a tasty meal.

Cooking breakfast the next morning.

And on my way to Enterprise via Hells Canyon,...what an AWESOME  ride!

But you have to watch for cattle on the road because it's an open range..

This is the place Don suggested, and he is waiting for me when I pull through the gate.

We'll share this cabin tent for the (cold) night.

But before we retire, we visit Joseph, 8 miles to the south.
Joseph is known for the numerous brass statues all over town. You can order a brass statue for your yard at this place. They are reasonably priced...order 2 while your at it..

A few of the statues;

I think she is ..........

......checking out this lean and rippled, manly stud.
And finally, Chief Joseph.

A mural in town. 

The next morning I head for home, Don has told me a cool route for part of my return trip; we ride the first of it together, then split up and go opposite directions for our homes. The route then takes me through Cove, Oregon.

An unusual design for an LDS Chapel.

600 miles later I roll into my garage. 1300 miles (and  some change) all told, and a super ride.
Maps of day one and two;
and day three


RichardM said...

Lots of those spots look familiar. Three years ago there was a motoblogger get together in Baker City and Joseph. VstarLady stayed at the Log House RV Park and raved about it. We also went to Hells Canyon. Great memories...

Ken said...

Richard - It's a great place to ride, hopefully the rally will turn out well. If you're in the mood for a long ride c'mon down and join us!

Trobairitz said...

A great choice and shouldn't be too hot in June. I'm with Richard, we too were at the moto-bloggers meet up. The RV park is owned by avid motorcyclist and Team Oregon instructors if I remember right.

The Hells Canyon road is awesome and there is a forestry road that takes you back over to Joseph that is really nice too. Paved one and a half lane wide up over the mountain and full of twisties. V-Star Lady still hasn't forgiven us for taking her on that one. Check out Forest Service Road 39.

From the Dam you take 86 then make a right on 39 which pops you out at a T intersection. Turn left to go to Joseph on he Imnaha Hwy. Here is my post on it.

The owners of the RV park would be able to tell you how to get there too.

Ken said...

Thanks Trobairitz, I'll look those roads up. :)