Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pony Express Trail - Quicky...

A group of us have decided to ride the Pony Express Trail.
We had considered making this an over-nighter, but it is getting a leeetle bit cold at night, so the plan is changed to a day ride.
The group meets at the tiny town of Stockton at the only gas station in town.

Unfortunately the station only has regular gas, these two bikes call for premium, so they ride back to the previous town to get the higher grade gas. The rest of us decide to press on and the two BMWs can catch up.  We didn't see them again.

Look out Pass

At Simpson Springs we meet up with another one of the group.

The Fish Springs bird refuge. l to r; Dave, Ken, Gary, Me.

We ride into Nevada and on to Wendover where we get a quick bite to eat, gas, and then take I-80 for the super-slab-slog back home. From my house back to my house is 370 miles.
One of our group ran out of gas a few miles short of Wendover, but another rider had some extra in his pannier, so  it all worked out fine.
It was a great ride, PERFECT weather (it was chilly in the morning), and as is usual, very little traffic on the 140 (or so) miles of the PET.


RichardM said...

I think that most modern engines will adapt to different gasoline grades if that's all that's available. Performance just drops with a truly high performance engine. I've thought about that same ride following the pony express trail.

Ken said...

Richard, I agree, and told the two riders that but they felt otherwise. Your hack would be fun to take on the PET. There are plenty of camping spots if you were so inclined.

Trobairitz said...

Great idea for a ride.

I'm with Richard, I wouldn't think one tank of regular gas (that you were going to burn right away) would do anything to the engine. But you don't spend that kind of money on a BMW to put in regular fuel I guess.

Thanks for sharing.