Sunday, June 11, 2017

4th annual V-Strom Cache Rally

The 4th annual V-Strom Cache rally was scheduled for June 9 - 11 in Torrey, Utah.

I picked up the Cache in Harrison, Arkansas on my last trip and carried it through several states so I could have it at the rally.

While at Key West, Florida I asked this pretty lady to pose with the Cache and Beaky.

The morning of June 8th four other riders meet at my house to ride to the rally. After some scrambled eggs, Don (nvr2old) from Washington state, Phil (Sharkey) from Oregon, and Bruce (T-Ville Trooper) and Ray (Muley) both from Utah and I get ready to hit the road.

We stop in Orem to pick up Doug (Mr. Gadget).

We ride the Huntington Canyon where it gets kind of chilly....yes, that's snow you see.

A rest stop in Clawson, Utah where we walk through Vaughn Reids incredible yard.

Vaughn is very creative!
We were less than 50 miles away from the rally site, but at this point my bike started acting up. It is the clutch switch again. It was a problem on the last ride, so as soon as I got home I had ordered a new one, unfortunately it didn't arrive before I left for the rally. So...I left our little group and rode the 175 miles back home. Once home I found the new clutch switch in the mailbox and had it installed in about 5 minutes.
I left the next morning to ride to Torrey....

...Where I ran into this scary gang of bikers.... All but two on V-Stroms. We had a great weekend of riding, eating and Cache hand-offs.

Tombstone hands off to wingstrom.....
....wingstrom hands off to Quixote.....

.....Quixote hands off to thatsnoangel...
The guy on the right, mtncarver, got it next and is on his way to Nova Scotia.

One of our attendees had an accident on the way to the rally. He came from Alabama and was about 20 miles from Torrey when he rode on a dirt road. He hit some deep dust and had a tip over and injured his right ankle. Then as he continued on he hit another deep dusty area and tipped over on the other side. Unfortunately this time he was pinned under the bike which was quite heavy as he was loaded for the long trip.

He was in that position for about an hour and a half before he was finally able to get himself free. Both lower legs now badly injured he rested for a few hours then was able to walk several miles to find some help.

Once in Torrey, the rally attendees who were already there jumped into action to help him get to a clinic (in the next town) and get his bike to the rally site. The owners of the RV park we were at (Wonderland RV park) also helped immensely, letting them use vehicles and making phone calls etc. 

By the time I arrived the next day almost everything that could be done was already done. Luckily his parents live in Las Vegas, only a few hundred miles away, and they were able to get a trailer and come and pick him up.

Most of the attendees tented, a few had cabins, one was in a hotel.

Long time biker buddy Howard showed up on his Hayabusa.

Howard and I rode the paved portion of the Burr trail, then hwy 12 to Escalante, and back to Torrey.

We did a short slot canyon hike while on the Burr.
The canyon is where the shadows are in the middle of this picture.
Looking out toward the road.

And the bike line up at our second dinner.

1000 miles, and a weekend of old friends, new friends, good food, and good times.


Trobairitz said...

Good times.

And you managed to add on a few hundred miles going back for the clutch switch.

Hope your downed rider is healing okay. It sounds like he was well taken care of by everyone. Motorcyclists are some of the kindest most helpful people (but don't spread that around, reputations and all).

RichardM said...

That really sounds like a great rally. Just the right size. So what is a "cache rally"?

Ken said...

Trobairitz - I agree, motorcyclists are great when in time of need.. actually they are great pretty much anytime! :) I think the rider that was hurt is home by now. He had said that he had Dr appts lined up. We'll hear soon the extent of the damage.

Richard - It was just the right size! I've been encouraged to try and invite more riders....I just don't know if I want it any bigger. The "Cache" is simply an excuse to ride.

The way it is supposed to happen is a rider gets the Cache; enters the details of the hand-off in the notebook in the box, documents the hand-off with a pic (and posts on the Cache thread) takes out the trinket the last rider left there, replaces it with a new trinket and finds another rider to meet somewhere to do another hand off. The first Cache traveled the whole of the America's. It started in Georgia, went as far north as possible (Dead Horse), as far south as possible (Ushuaia, Argentina) and then was lost somewhere in South Dakota. The replacement Cache has been in most of the States... (probably more answer than you wanted!! :) )

Ken said...

ps. so a "Cache rally" celebrates the Cache.. :

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