Monday, September 11, 2017

Serendipity in the Centennial State* pt I (couples ride)

It is time for the Annual Couples Ride; our plans to ride to Glacier National Park had to be changed due to the massive forest fires in that area. So I make a quick 're-plan' and route the ride to Colorado.

Unfortunately, the usual suspects have been thinned down a bit. Jan broke a foot training for a run, so Ken and Jan rode in their "Harley-yota" SR5. Julie broke a bone in her wrist so Brent and her stayed home. Christine suffered a concussion a week or so before the ride so she and Harry stayed home. I injured my arm so Bev rode with Ken and Jan so as not to stress my injury any more than necessary (and riding the bike IS necessary!) that meant there were 6 of us on two bikes and one car.

I have to admit, having a 4-wheeler along was VERY convenient!
Thanks to Ken and Jan for hauling us to dinner each night!

*Colorado is called the Centennial State because they became the 38th state in 1876.

(ride map in part II)

First stop for lunch at Pin Willies near Talmage, Ut.
It may not look like much on the outside, but the food is GREAT!

Then on to Meeker, Colorado where we spend the night. The next morning we ride over Independence Pass.

On to Idaho Springs, Colorado where we overnight. Then up to Mt Evans (the highest paved road in North America)...well, almost. The road is closed 5 miles short of the top. We stop at Summit Lake then return down the mountain and ride through Leadville, Colorado - the highest city in the U.S.

Ken W, Jan, Beverly, Wendy, Ken W, Rooster

And what is a motorcycle ride with out some rain?

 After an overnight stay in Gunnison, Colorado, we head out for the SR 92, then to the Grand Mesa Scenic highway (SR65). The Grand Mesa is the biggest Mesa in the world.

SR 92, SR 65, and some towns along the way.

We stop in the city of Mesa for lunch, Rooster and I get a javalina, elk, antelope mix burger.....delicious!
This is the Church across the street from the restaurant.

More in part II

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