Saturday, January 6, 2018

2018 New Years Death Valley Ride

Its the New Year, so that means its also time for Vegashotwheeler's (aka Mike) annual New Years Death Valley Ride!

Adrian and I leave December 29 and take a leisurely 500 mile round-about ride to Vegas.
Early the next morning we get lost on our way to the ride. We finally make it to the Snow Mt Smoke shop (20 minutes late) and see about 20 bikes and trikes.
We're soon on our way toward Death Valley, stopping for breakfast, then a photo op at the Amargosa Opera House.

My-2-Wheels inmates

A big bonus to this year's ride;
This guy and I have had a Facebook, and motorcycle forum relationship for years....We finally get to meet in person, another Mike, aka Flounder-what an awesome guy!

After the photo op Adrian and I make another photo stop.

 Standing at Dantes viewpoint. I'm pointing to Badwater basin, the lowest point in the U.S. at 282 feet below sea level.
 Then a ride on the beautiful, Artists Palette road.

 A small group of us ride to Panamint Springs resort and had a good (late) lunch and chat while we were being buzzed by a couple of these guys. By the time we were finished it was night time, we left and had a DARK ride 170 miles back to the condo.

Saturday morning Adrian and I set off for home.....sort of; we took a couple days on a wandering route.
We stopped for gas at this place.

Then we spend some time hanging out at the Goldpoint ghost town....which also has several very much alive residents.

A bit further down the road we stop at Goldfield and see some transportation art.

We stop for the day in Tonopah, and leave the next morning for home.

1650 mostly comfortable miles. There were a few cold, and dark miles here and there, but it was a great ride overall!


John A Hill said...

Looks like a great ride.
Ride safely.

Trobairitz said...

So glad you had nice sunny weather. Looks like a great time was had (riding in the dark maybe not so much)

InvictaMoto said...

Really like reading others people's blogs. Those V-Stroms look really nice bits of kit.

KROD said...

Looks like another great ride. I'm very envious. Been wanting to do a Death Valley ride this winter myself. Thanks for sharing.

Adrian said...

Had a great time!! Thank you!!

RichardM said...

Cool photos of your ride. In the past, I've spent a lot of time in Tonopah and Goldfield. It was one of our field sites back in the late '70s.

Ken said...

John Hill - Thanks for stopping in! I see you guys have been busy setting up custom side by sides...I hope business if good!

Trobairitz - It was sunny but COLD! But, I guess one can't have it all... :) The dark riding part was my least favorite part of the trip.

Paul - I do like the Strom is a nice bike. Lots of wonderful bikes out there these days. Thanks for reading!!

KROD - Winter is the best time (IMHO) to ride Death is WAY to hot in the summer for me. I'm certain Vegashotwheeler will host the ride again next New Years if you are interested..

Adrian - Another great one in the books eh? Next....?

RichardM - It would be interesting to see comparison photos of Tonopah from the 70s to present. I think they have a new gas station or something else ever time I visit. Progress....

Michael Sheen said...

Look like a great ride. Thank for sharing your experience.
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thanida said...

Thanks so much for writing this up! I