Monday, May 28, 2018

"Some place we haven't been"

A few weeks ago Bev said, "A three day weekend is coming up, I'll take a day off to make it four days. Take me some place we haven't been".
"On the bike?" I asked...hopefully...
She gave me a patient look.
"Sweet!" I said and fired up google maps.

Annnnd....we didn't go to Yellowstone, but we were close.

On our way, we make a rest stop in Randolph, Ut. a town of about 430 nice people.

Then we overnight in Montpelier, Idaho....going to dinner that night Bev makes a new friend.

The next morning we leave our hotel at the crack of mid-morning and ride north. Jackson, Wyoming was crowded as usual. Check out the cowboy visiting with some tourists.

We're in no hurry so we stop at the visitor center. Some one should tell the bear and Elk that the area is CLOSED!

Leaving the visitor center we make an arduous 2 1/2 mile ride to the National Museum of Wildlife Art

Its all Greek to me but I think the clouds spelled out "Aries".
(click on the pic for a better view...)

The Moose is on the Loose!

Then on our way again, its getting colder as we gain elevation. We top out at 9850 feet at the Continental divide. (Not the picture).

And temps warm as we drop into Dubois, which is about 6900 feet elevation, and around 970 population.

I really enjoyed our stay in Dubois.  This was the 'some place we haven't been' destination. It is a beautiful town with nice folk.

 And Bev made another friend.

The high school had a fund raiser at the park. Bev got a welcome sign...

As we had dinner we chatted with some locals who told us of some pictographs in a nearby canyon. We rode about 26 miles of dirt road looking for the area and finally found a few faint ones. A storm was nearing and the 'dirt' road was clay so we cut our field trip short and headed for our hotel.

Unfortunately, some of the pictographs had been damaged when, as another local told me, 'we had an eclipse up here a while back and about 10,000 hippies showed up and someone (messed) them up'. 

On our way the next day, this time westbound on US 26 we go again over the 9800 foot pass.

And an overnight stop in tiny Grace, Idaho for the night, this is a crumbling structure on the edge of town.

And home, we dodge ominous clouds and get about 3 minutes of light sprinkles.
A 930 mile, first two up trip, on the new bike. Bev gives the Yamaha the seal of approval.
I just LOVE motorcycling!


Trobairitz said...

Awesome. What a great first two-up trip on the Tenere. Bev is a trooper for doing that many miles right out of the gate in Spring.

Ken said...

Trobairitz - She IS a trooper! I have several rides planned this summer that she will go with me. Should be a good summer.

thanida said...

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