Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Geezer breakfast and ride

I see a post on FB about the Geezer breakfast & ride on Tuesday in Las Vegas...and as luck would have it I have enough days off I can ride to Sin City and check it out! Plus I have a new bike that needs some breaking off I go. 

On the way down I stop in Panguitch, Utah for this picture

 Then a ride through Zion National Park.
 Zion NP

And the next morning I arrive at the McDonald's and meet these guys. LtR Lenny, Jeff, and Fred.  They gave me the grand tour of Mt. Charleston, and Red Rock Canyon conservation area, among other places..  

We had a very good breakfast at the Mt Charleston restaurant.

I had a great day, thanks Guys!! 

Some major traffic SNAFUS are scheduled for Vegas so I leave kind of early Wednesday morning to beat the mess. 
I ride south almost to Primm, California to the a pic of these rocks. I have no idea what their story is...

A dump truck in front for scale.

And a better pic.

Then I head for home via the Lake Mead Parkway...

A 500 mile day down and a 510 mile day back home....and a very relaxing, enjoyable day of site seeing while in Vegas.

I LOVE motorcycling!


RichardM said...

Not the V-Strom anymore! It sounds like the new bike fits your riding style well.

Ken said...

Richard - so far so good. I've only got 2,000 miles but I'm really liking this bike!

Trobairitz said...

Congrats on the new Tenere!! Looks like the es model, hubby is jealous.

And you had a fun trip to break it in. Those rocks by the road side are interesting, wonder what the backstory is.

Ken said...

Trobairitz - No, its not an ES. My cheapness won out in the end. :) Don't know about the rocks, I heard about them a few years ago. I understand someone paints them different colors on a regular basis..