Sunday, August 19, 2018

9 day northern loop (p1)

Bev and I are going on a 9 day bike ride.

Our intention is to ride up to Montana and go through Glacier National Park. However there are fires near Glacier and we know there is a  large possibility we won't be able to get in the park. But there are lots of roads and things between here and there that if we can't get in the park it will still be a good ride.

Our first night is in Arco, Idaho

On the road again we see this cool art at the entrance of a ranch.
I hope they didn't mind us entering the gate and taking these pictures.

Shoshone, Idaho.

We overnight in Garden Valley, Idaho.
As we planned our route for the next day I saw what looked like a nice road on the map, but Beverly pointed out that it was a dotted line, which indicates a dirt road. "Don't worry" I told her, "this is an old map, its most likely paved by now". wasn't, and we ended up riding on 45 miles of dirt road to get to Cambridge, Idaho.
It was nice dirt, but was covered with small pebbles....which was interesting two up.

Finally reaching Cambridge (the Gateway to Hell's canyon), we had a nice lunch and then made our way to Hell's Canyon. We went up to the visitors center.

An Angel in Hell's Canyon.

Continuing on we ride to Joseph, Oregon.

And walk around town to enjoy the beautiful statues found there, here are just a few.

Leaving Joseph the next day on the excellent road to Lewiston, Idaho we join a log truck convoy.

Our destination for that day was Spokane Valley, Washington where we stayed with good buddy, Don.
I had heard a very subtle noise on the Tenere and asked Don to see what he thought.
Nothing serious found, but I learned a lot just watching the things he checked out.

After an enjoyable stay with Don and Barb, we went on to Post Falls, Idaho and had a very pleasant lunch with my Niece, Erica and her son Max.

Then on to Bonner's Ferry for an overnight stop.

The Yaak scenic highway in Montana near the Canadian border was our next goal, what a beautiful road!

There is a bigfoot hiding in this picture...

I think we saw less than 5 cars while on the Yaak. I took a very short nap on the road while Bev snapped photos.....

Done with the Yaak we check the internet to see if the road to Glacier NP is still is. Darn it! So we ride into Canada a ways to get some lunch. Bev samples a Canada original, Poutine.
Poutine originated in Quebec in the 1950s. 
Poutine is french fries with cheese curds, topped with brown gravy.

Then back into the States, we go to our hotel in Kalispel.

And on the road the next day...
Don't Judge me.....  :)

We make our way to Salmon, Idaho but first....


RichardM said...

I had just heard of the fires in Glacier NP but hadn’t heard that it closed the road. Enjoyed your pictures of Joseph and Hell’s Canyon. I went there on my last 2-wheeled bike trip to meet up with other motobloggers.

Ken said...

Richard - I remember reading about that motoblogger trip, it sounded like a lot of fun!

The Park was accessible, but you had to enter on the east side, we were on the west and had made reservations for the entire trip, and didn't have enough flexibility to change.

RichardM said...

I think that was 6 years ago. That was fun...

Ken said...

Time for another one..... :)

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