Monday, June 24, 2019

Nova Scotia - part 2

While in Riviere-du-Loup we take a scenic ride on a 20 mph coastal road. The road meanders past some beautiful houses and this church.

Then we stop so Bev can smell the roses....errr...I mean lilacs!

Back in town we change the oil on the bike and then are on our way again.

In an effort to fix the fork seal leak we visit a couple motorcycle stores. None had what we were looking for a 'seal saver', but at this store we ran into these kids on their scooters.
They were animated and vibrant....and a real pleasure to chat with. I speak zero French, but they had enough English that we communicated quite well.

A sticker on the young mans scooter.....

We then continued on and after a while made a snack break. This guy pulled into the same store and seeing me admiring his machine he kindly took the time to talk with me about it. When the spray arms are fully extended they have a span of 95 feet! He told me they have two sprayers that are even larger!

At a gas stop..

We finally make it to Shediac where we spend the night in this cabin.

While in town for dinner Bev makes a friend...

....a BIG friend!

We make a lunch stop along the way....they serve breakfast all day so I get the X men's breakfast...

There it is...the fish cake is at 1:00 by the orange... It was pretty good, the green tomato chow is at 7:00 and was VERY good! All in all a great lunch!

A couple hundred miles later and we're in Nova Scotia.

Staying here...

Tomorrow we will ride the Cabot Trail.

More in part 3

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