Saturday, November 16, 2019

Spur of the moment ride

Thursday 11:55 am I'm enjoying a cuppa and a bagel....when I suddenly think, 'why don't I take an  overnight bike ride?'  A few minutes later I make a phone call and get a kitchen pass.
20 minutes after that I'm rolling out of the garage on the bike.

Since I started so late, and the winter days are short I only make it to Circleville before darkness starts closing in.
I've stayed here before, but they have new owners since July....and the place, nice to start with, is MUCH improved and more energized.
I had a nice meal and a comfortable stay overnight.

The next day takes me through Panguitch..

Then to Red Canyon...

and into the banana belt...  Tropic, Utah.

After Escalante I turn off of SR 12 and ride Hell's Backbone, which takes me back to Escalante after 40 miles of mostly nice dirt, with a couple 'seat clencher' moments just for fun...

I spend my second night in Salina, then head for home.

Gunnison's Veteran's memorial.

It turned out to be a nice spur of the moment ride, 650ish miles and fairly decent temps...
Motorcycling is good fun!


Greg Prosmushkin said...

Sometimes I wish I could just go at a drop of a hat and go for a ride to anywhere. Thanks for sharing your photos. Hope you had a great time on your trip.
Greg Prosmushkin

Ken said...

Greg - Thanks for stopping in!