Monday, August 31, 2020

Three days in Colorado

Just a short get-a-way to Colorado.
I ride the 40 thru Dinosaur, Co and snap this pic.
I also picked up a new map at the visitors center....I try to stop there each time I pass through simply because they are always so friendly!

Cute designs at one of the hotels.

Got myself a treat after a long day.........

 Looking out my back door at Granby...some strange lights over those mountains at night...

Unfortunately the Mt Evans road is closed due to the china I only got a pic of the sign.

There was a backup just before the tunnel on I-70 so I veered off and took Loveland Pass...and was SOOOO glad I did! That is a great road!

Then through Leadville enroute to the Independence Pass road.

And Independence of the great US roads

 A three day ride on very nice roads.
1200 miles.

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