Saturday, September 19, 2020

Mt Rushmore - Awesome Couples Ride II

On our way to Devils Tower, I notice the mount for one of my aux fuel tanks is loose. Further inspection shows that a rivet has broken off. I google a local hardware store and Bev and I ride there to look for a fix, while the rest of our group heads out to Devils Tower.

This is Ted, he owns this store and was super helpful in getting the problem fixed.

Then we go on our way to the tower, and catch up with our group who is waiting in line to get in the park.

Once in we hike the trail that goes around the tower, it is paved all the way and was a real neat trail. While hiking we saw several people climbing the tower.

Then we stopped at the tourist trap...I mean the trading post to scope out their wares. Nothing caught my eye...

And the group. Bev, Wendy and Ron, Ken and Jan.

Leaving Devils Tower we ride to Belle Fourche to get this pic of the geographical center of the U.S.

A closer pic.

Then somewhere along the way we pass a bunch of Pre-hamburgers...

Ken discovers his front tire has a slow leak.... We fluff it up and he got it fixed at a local HD dealer.

Breakfast in Sturgis.

After breakfast we go to the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. The building is sort of small and I wasn't expecting much, but once we got inside it turned out to be a very nice museum!

This exhaust pipe 'chair' is outside the museum and we just had to get a photo..  

Then, unfortunately Bev got a bug of some sort. The others had gone to the Mt Rushmore park. Bev rested in our room and I went to ride the pig tail road aka Iron Mt road.

Not feeling a whole lot better after resting for a day, we decide that riding the bike home is not a good idea for Bev. So we rent a car and she drives home in one day.

And I ride the bike home in two days.

I ride the US 14A again and stay overnight in Lovell.

The next day is a rainy ride through Yellowstone NP and then south via Jackson and home

All in all even with Bev not feeling well, I think this was a great ride. It was too smoky to get good pictures of Mt Rushmore.
I'm already looking forward to next year.
Thanks to Bev and the others for the pictures.

2,133 miles for this trip.

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