Thursday, September 24, 2020

Bison Ranch

Bison Ranch in Arizona seems like a good place to spend a couple of days.
Reservations made I ride the 640 miles and have a couple near miss deer calls, and then I'm at my lodging

 The next day I make a loop from Bison Ranch to Payson, to Globe and back to Bison Ranch, about 260 miles of great riding!

Back to the condo for a nights rest and then I'm on my way home the next day, this time a little longer ride, about 660 miles.
Good times and great rides!



LowellAZ said...

Interesting ride, excellent photos

Ken said...

Thanks Lowell! It looks like you have had a fun filled year, I need to keep an eye out for a Hans Olson concert in my area.

LowellAZ said...

So where are you from, Arizona (Tombstone is your nickname?) or Utah? From the “I've been everywhere in Utah, Man” video, I’m guessing Utah. Fantastic video by the way, I really enjoyed it, it’s motivating me to get off my lazy duff and go riding. I’ve been holed up for 183 days now due to the Coronavirus, afraid to get out and take any chances, plus some laziness I guess.

About Hans Olson, he’s not doing many live gigs these days with Arizona bars and clubs shut down due to the Coronavirus, but he does a live 1.5 hour show on Facebook every Tuesday (at least through September) at 7 pm Arizona time. If interested, check it out at (assuming this URL link comes thru).

Ken said...

Lowell, I'm from Utah, I got the 'Tombstone' sobriquet when I was in ground combat school and it stuck.
Thanks for watching the video, I had a great time making it.
I'll check out the link to Hans Olson, and if you're interested meeting up for lunch or a ride, I can give you a holler next time I come to sunny Arizona...which might be a few months. Here is my email if you want to respond with contact info.