Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Arizona liver loop - part 3

 I had 2 days reserved at Bison Ranch,  and when I checked in the counter person said, " oh you're leaving on Tuesday, the forecast calls or a big snow storm on Tuesday."

And sure enough Tuesday morning I looked out to see this;

I let Bev know I was heading out with this hastily composed text:
"Snow is quietly falling, but the road is loudly calling.
Many miles must I munch ere, this chilly day, dare I stop for lunch.
In the end whether the sky be filled with droplets, flakes or Sun - this motorbiking is ever and forever such GREAT fun!"

And the air WAS filled with all three before I arrived in St George for my last stop of this trip.

Heavy wet snow several miles before Winslow, Arizona caught me by surprise and had my jacket half soaked before I was able to find a safe place to stop and gear up. 
It was not problem though as I had happened to stop near a truck stop. I went in and tossed my jacket in a dryer in the laundry section of the truck stop, and soon had a dry (and warm) jacket.

The weather forecast is a bit ugly the next couple days, but I am  hoping for clear roads so I can ride the last 300 miles home in relative comfort. 
Even though I'm not home yet I'm going to close the RR here. Thanks for reading!

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Motorcycle Paradise said...

Nice sounding ride, thanks for the report.