Thursday, February 11, 2021

Arizona liver loop - part 1

 Good Grief!!! I haven't been on a decent ride for ages! When Bev "suggests" I might do well to get out of the house for a while......I take the hint and load the bike.

I ride the US 89 to St George, Ut.

Don't you think that route looks a bit like a liver....or maybe a it's a lung, I got an A in Anatomy, but that was a looooong time ago.

The roads are mostly dry to St. George, bbbbut it is a ccccold is February 8th after all.

I spend a day doing a little hiking and a lot of idling in Utah's Dixie.

Then I'm off toward Lake Havasu by way of Lake Mead then Chloride, Arizona. 

About 4 miles out of Chloride I spotted these keys in the dirt  and with two littered straws and a twig did this so hopefully the owner can find them.

Then on to Chloride

A tourist trap in Chloride.

I stop in the town park for lunch.
After lunch I ride thru Oatman and rest of the way to Lake Havasu for more hiking and idling...
Tomorrow I go farther south to Oro Valley.
(Check out part two)

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