Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Arizona liver loop - part 2

I depart Lake Havasu before the Sun rises. About 20 miles later Mr sun makes his appearance as I'm crossing the Parker Bridge.

Oro Valley is 299 miles the fast way (aka the boring way), but that includes 120 miles of super slab.... So I take the bikers shortcut to avoid as much slab as possible and get there after about 360 miles...

While passing through Bouse, Arizona I see their WWII display and stop for a photo op.

Later another stop in Goodyear, Arizona to enjoy my lunch. This cool display was at the park.

Friday and Saturday are spent in beautiful Oro Valley. Temps are perfect for hiking so off I go on the trail in the wash behind my lodging.

You can't see the trail as it is quite a bit lower than the deck. Another pic looking back at my room.

And here are a couple more pix looking off the same deck at sunset.

The strange alien looking thing is a tree.... 👽😄 or maybe an alien camouflaged to look like a tree...

Sunday I depart for Heber-Overgard, Arizona. Another chilly day and I end up riding in a middling snow storm for 50ish miles.

I arrived at my lodging, Bison Ranch, and only to see these hooligans a-shooting up the town!

The condos are made to resemble an old west town, notice the authentic looking old west motor cars...

After a cold day of riding I was looking forward to a soak in the hot tub...but some moron dropped a wine glass in it and maintenance will have to drain and clean it up the broken glass  tomorrow.

Ohhh well....

More rambling in part III

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