Sunday, September 20, 2020

Mt Rushmore - Awesome Couples Ride I

Its that time of year again, the Annual Awesome Couples Ride is here.

This year we are going to Devils Tower,  Mt Rushmore et al....

But first we have a meeting of the minds at our house. Everything decided, we then mount up and get on with the ride.


We leave our house and ride over the beautiful Mirror Lake Highway to Evanston Wyoming.

We stop at a gas station in Wyoming and see this beautiful Honda Shadow. The owner bought it new 20 years ago and it still looks shiny and new!

Then we stop for a chat and rest in the local park.

One of the locals in Kemmerer that we talked to tells us that the tiny town of Farson has a super ice cream store....  well then, STOP we must!

And our intel was good! This is their "One Scoop" option......  Wow! 

Back on the road...Yes, that is snow!

And Wyoming's version of Red Rock Country.

Then on our way to Thermopolis...

 We visit the biggest hot springs in the world.... and see a burbling view of a bubbly brew..

Looking at the park from the other direction.

We ride through Lovell and eastbound onto the amazing US 14A, which takes us past the road for the ancient Native American medicine wheel.

Hike required...

And there it is...people come and leave all sorts of tokens.
The Medicine Wheel is between 300 and 800 years old.

After the return hike we ride the 2 miles of dirt back to the highway.

The next day we will ride the 14A again along with the Ten Sleep road and end up in Buffalo, Wyoming, which is only 36 miles away via freeway, but we take the bikers shortcut and get there in only 220 miles...

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