Thursday, August 10, 2023

Ca 15 Best 2023 pt3

 And now for the Last Three roads of the Cal 15 Best for 2023

The first of the final three is Cal road 168 between Big Pine and the  Jct with Ca 266

The 168 is a wild and wooley road! Which means it was a lot of fun, unfortunately with the recent storms there was a fair amount of sand and small rocks strewn about the road.

 Coming around one blind corner I hit one of those patches of sand which caused a sideways movement of the bike which in turn nearly caused me to have an involuntary movement in a different I slowed down for a good bit of the rest of the road.

After riding the 168 I make my way north and west and spend the night at Angels Camp Cal, apropos don't you think? ;)

My rear tire has gone away faster than I had anticipated so the next morning I'm on my way to Sacramento to get a new rear tire installed. 

I had called Beverly earlier in the day and told her of my tire dilemma and she spent hours making a Herculean effort to find a place for me to get a new tire and have it installed.

Maynard motorcycles, a small, home based shop in Sacramento answered the call!

From there I rode to Clear Lake to overnight. It would have been nice to stay in Clear Lake for a few days but they only had one night available.

This is the backyard... and view of Clear Lake.

In the morning I discover that some slimy, stinking POS dirtbag had stolen one of my reserve gas cans.

Darn it all!!

*Deep breath*

Moving on I rode to Redcrest to start my 14th road - Mattole road.

The Mattole road was not just a ride it was an Experience, at least for me. If Mattole road was a person we could be friends, not great friends, but someone I would be wary of and like to hang out and have adventures with at the same time. 

I would have a  hard time picking a favorite out of these 15 roads but if I had to do so, Mattole Rd would be in the running.

I stopped in Petrolia to get gas, food, and of course a receipt. While there I met a couple of locals - these two cool dudes. And they are! I could have stayed there all afternoon talking to Brad and Benton.
They are both multi bike owners... See what I mean when I said they were cool dudes!

The two young ladies who were the minding the store were also nice, fun to talk to, and had a great sense of humor.
I think it would be awesome to live in Petrolia.
Upon leaving petrolia you drive west-ish about 5 MI on the very curvy road and then as you come over a hill you are greeted with this sight!
Yeah it really is that beautiful!
And the road continued, but the fog started to roll in....
There was an exotic car gathering of some sort apparently headquartered in Ferndale which made getting a hotel a challenge. But it was fun to see beautiful cars everywhere one looked!

The next day I rise at the crack of mid-morning and get a move on to get the 15th road, which is the 299 from Arcata to Redding

And there it is.....I've ridden each of the 15 roads.....
......I'm not quite done yet..... 
The book calls for the Rider to go on the 168 road up and back or in other words two ways. The 168 is the one I rode from home on the way INTO California, and now on my way OUT OF California I will ride it the other way thus completing the California 15 best for 2023.

(After I completed the roads I checked with Les, the chairman over the California rides, to make certain I had done it correctly - he tells me I only needed to ride the 168 once.....but that's ok, I enjoyed both times!)

So back to Big pine and I'll ride it toward Nevada and finish that road.

I overnight in Tonopah, Nv and with the next sunrise I point my nose toward home, 453 miles away.  It turns out that 453 miles is plenty of road to get soaked - dry out - put on raingear - take it off - get soaked again and dry out again.  Sheesh! I simply could not out guess Mother Nature on that day. always...a great day on the bike!

Damsel in Distress
120 miles from home I stop in Delta, Ut for gas and a healthy snack of Dr Pepper, and a rasberry bismark.... After gas and health food I start riding out of the parking lot and notice this womans flat tire. I pulled up next to her and she had just realized it herself so we went to work on getting the problem fixed. But NO DICE..... the tire had a pinch hole in the sidewall. You can see from the second pic that they are brand new tires... She had just had them installed that day.
So we put the donut on and she was able to drive to a nearby shop. 

And that is the end of the California 15 Best roads. This trip was 2500 miles of beautiful and sometimes dicy roads.....and some raging downpours! (a lot like the last trip! LOL)
Life is Grand aint it!

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