Sunday, August 13, 2023

Ca 15 Best 2023 pt1

It's time to get busy on the Southern California motorcycle association or 'SCMA" California 15 best roads. We decide to "dual purpose" the first part of this ride and include the annual couples ride as well. So we invite the other two couples to ride to Indio California with us where we'll get the first few roads.
So we depart on a Monday morning for St George and staying overnight there leave the next morning for Kayenta where we stopped and enjoyed walking in The Labyrinth and the other art they have spread around the town square, most of the shops were not open so we were able to save some money and we were soon on our way.

The next stop was at Coyote Springs in Nevada where we looked at the Ryan henge.

Besides the henge replica they have a beautiful tiny chapel that is currently being painted inside.

And this is inside the henge a large map of the world.

The Ryan henge also has a labyrinth that we walked in and found our way to the middle.

And some strange looking bi-pods hanging out at the Ryan hinge replica.

Wednesday morning we ride off to MT Center California and then to Banning California to check off another road.

Sleep...wake up and we hit the road Thursday, unfortunately we have to get on the freeway and slog over to San Juan Capistrano where we enjoy a visit to the beautiful mission there.

Visiting the mission was a great experience which we all enjoyed.

After an excellent lunch in San Juan Capistrano we left and did this road on the way back to our lodging starting in San Juan Capistrano and ending at Lake Elsinore.

Friday morning the other two couples left for home, whilst Beverly rode  north-west-ish to our lodging at Big Bear Lake. I rode South to check off the Campo to Jamacha road.

And that's it for part one. We'll pick up the road checks again in part 2 thanks for reading!

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