Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Crafty little devil! (no moto content)

I have worked as a carpenter and hobbyist woodworker nearly my entire adult life. My first job when I was in high school was as a carpenter helper for a contractor that lived in our neighborhood. 
From there on I've worked over the years at numerous different jobs that involved woodwork. Not every job I worked at involved woodwork but the jobs I enjoyed most were.

Then when I retired a few years ago I started getting my woodworking tools together and followed the suggestion of my son, Fenton, and converted the room under our garage into a small shop. 

Biker buddy, Rooster, wired the shop for me.  Then a little while later I had some good fortune/bad fortune..... my good friend and excellant neighbor, Sean moved several states away - the moving truck space was limited so he gifted several tools to me!

My good fortune continued when I went to help yet another neighbor prepare to move out of his house and ended up hauling home a whole truckload of tools!

Charcuterie board, vases, stands.

Suffice it to say I "could" have amassed the tools that I recently been given under my own power.....but it would have taken me a long long time.  I'm very happy to have them . 

So now here I am with all these tools/toys and I a lot of time in the "Dungeon" as I call it making.. things....you know......'things'......... stuff, "creations". 

After awhile I had made so many 'things' that I told Beverly we either needed to start giving, selling or   *GASP!*  stop making 'things' because we're getting too many of those things in the house. 

And, since I 
use exotic wood for a lot of them they tend to be a bit expensive so we decided to sell them and try to recoup some of the money that we have spent on wood.
Vases, niknak stands
We found a neighborhood Farmers market and have been there five or six times so far and have done all right, we're not quite millionaires yet or in a thousand years or even hundred years but we've recouped a little bit of our money, met some great people and had fun.
I should be going on a ride soon so I'll be able to put some kind of travel news on this blog but I just thought I'd put on these things that I've been making and I am having an absolute blast with my Playroom.....errr.....shop!. Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed these pictures. Life is indeed wonderful 
                                                                    in so many ways!                                                                                  
Niknak/sound bowl stands, cutting board.
                                                                                Thread organizer



RichardM said...

Beautiful products! Very talented!

Ken said...

Thanks Richard!