Monday, June 5, 2017

East coast and home - II

Another walk on the shore.

The next day we haul their kayaks to the water. Bev dares to go out to a little past knee depth....what an adventurer she is!!

Laurie and I in the boats, Fenton is snorkeling near us in the water.

Later Laurie dove to the bottom and got this beauty for Bev.

After 4 fun filled days we leave for home, Bev flying, me on the bike.

In Louisana I finally have to click on "avoid unpaved roads" on the GPS. It was fun for a while, but I had to make better time.

I've also been wanting to check this one off my bucket the list for a while. 
A very fun road!

Hmmm.... that looks interesting...I pull a U-ey and go back.

 I'm In the panhandle of Oklahoma. Once called 'No man's land' because it didn't belong to any of the surrounding territories until 1890.

Noooo.... I didn't spend the night here...

Also in Hooker, they have an experimental wind generator.

Then on a lonely road in New Mexico, I can't get my bike to start. I'm fairly certain it is the safety switch either on the kickstand or the clutch but I don't want to start cutting wires until I'm certain.
I don't have any bars showing on my phone, but I try a text to Bev and she responds..  She finds the nearest bike shop to me in Raton, which is 50 miles away.

I get the bike bump started and ride to "Hester's Motorsports" in Raton.

John and crew get my bike back and running in about 10 minutes. I ask what I owe them and John tells me "nothing, it only took a minute"...  Wow!
Thank you Hester's Motorsports!

After John fixed my bike I got a room in Raton. I'm 660 miles from home so I get an early start the next morning and arrive at home about 7:00 in the evening.

A 7000 mile ride
I really enjoyed seeing family at the wedding, and seeing Fenton and Laurie in Florida. The riding part was 'ok' too!  LOL

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