Sunday, May 7, 2017

Lake Havasu, Arizona - Baja, Mexico part 1

Hello Tombstone's Travels fan(s),  [haha....Ken told me to do the fan(s) thing...]
I'm Mrs. Tombstone (aka Beverly) and I'm going to take on the 
adventure of adding the ride report for this trip.  

My Brother and his wife called us sometime near the end of 2016 and asked if we would like to join them on a ride to Lake Havasu, Az with them in April. We accepted their invitation and planned the trip.  They are from Idaho Falls and arrived in Salt Lake on Friday night.  

We departed Saturday morning following one of Ken's world famous breakfasts.  

Ken planned a route for us so that we would be on the freeway as little as possible.  
We headed out on the west side of Utah Lake, 
West to Eureka and South to 
Delta where we stopped for lunch.
We stayed in St. George the first night.
Next day, Bruce and Kim getting ready for the days ride.
A stop at beautiful Kayenta, Utah
Kayenta is an arts community with a restaurant, 
shops and plenty to see.

It was getting warm so we removed some layers
before heading out again.
We ride South/West from Kayenta 
toward Beaver Dam.
Then into Nevada.
We stop at Sugars Home Plate Restaurant in Overton, Nevada for lunch. Either we were really hungry or it was way good.  
My vote is way good.  
In addition to the good food, it had plenty of sports items to look at.  That is if you are sports fans and Bruce and Kim are definite fans.
We went through Lake Mead National Recreation Area.
Beautiful scenery.
A lot of colors.
Very nice rest stop along the way, near Searchlight Nevada.
We arrive in Arizona.
We get into Lake Havasu Sunday, April 23.
You can see the London Bridge in the distance in this picture.  
We have more later on.
We even have individual covered parking.
We spend the evening in and look forward to 
seeing the sights in the morning.

The next day Bruce and Kim decide to go for a walk to the store for supplies.  Ken and I venture out to a couple of shops and then ride  to the light houses. There are 25 1/3 scale replicas of famous lighthouses around Lake Havasu.  See link below for additional information. 

We all got together that afternoon to explore the London Bridge. 

Ken helping to design the bridge.
Nice fountain at the visitors center.
Well it was nice.....its always a (comic) relief to have Ken around. ☺

We went to dinner at a restaurant called "Juicy's, The Place with the Great Food" and it was good.  Ken and I had lunch there and then returned with Bruce and Kim for dinner.

We called it a night and looked forward to our trip to Oatman, Cool Springs and part of Route 66 tomorrow.


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