Saturday, May 6, 2017

Lake Havasu, Arizona - Baja, Mexico part 2

We start the morning with Bruce and Kim cooking us a nice breakfast.
We plan on driving through Oatman going directly to Cool Springs then returning to Oatman for lunch.
When we arrived in Oatman, it was packed with bikers. We went through town directly to Cool Springs. This site was used on one of the episodes of Then Came Bronson. They blew up the building as part of the show. The new owner has rebuilt and continues to improve the place.
Ken enjoying a Route 66 beer..
And part of Route 66.
Loved the road to Cool Springs and back to Oatman.
When we returned to Oatman, we were just in time for the gunfight.
Very friendly burros

We walked through some shops and found a place for a nice lunch.
We left Oatman and headed back to Lake Havasu where we grilled some Salmon, Chicken and corn on the cob for dinner.
Wednesday was a rest day prior to leaving on Thursday.  
This ends the Lake Havasu portion of our trip.  I will turn the Baja portion back over to the master blogger.  Thank you for letting me share in the adventure of the ride report. 

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