Friday, May 5, 2017

Lake Havasu, Arizona - Baja, Mexico part 3

I'm not the "Master Blogger"...far from it, and I thought Beverly was doing a fine job, but she said she was done and dug her heels in so I'll finish blogging the trip.

Bruce and Kim head north for home, and Beverly and I depart Lake Havasu southbound Thursday morning and take a side trip to see Parker Dam.

The next morning we cross the border with no drama and attempt to ride through Tecate on our way to San Quintin for our first night. 
While the border crossing was no problem, navigating through Tecate was a bit of a trial. We got lost, and had to turn around on the other side of town and ride back through again. Then in a heavily populated part of town, we ran into a blocked road, it had a trench dug across it. 
I could see the road that we needed to be on, but didn't want to get lost again trying to find a way around. So, I jumped a curb and sidewalk, rode the wrong way on a one-way street for a block or so, and turned onto the road we wanted...whew! We were on our way out of town!

Pretty soon we were treated to some beautiful sights of the Pacific Ocean.
Beverly and I both love being on the coast!

After a bit of wandering around in San Quintin, we finally find the hotel, Don Eddies Landing, and have a very delicious dinner in the Don Eddies Restaurant.

Back in the restaurant for breakfast,  while we eat we watch this guy fishing. A little while later he brought his catch into the back of the restaurant and sold it to the owner....fresh fish!

On the road again, we take a brief rest stop in the middle of nowhere...we thought...
 .....then we see this little memorial..
 .....and were surprised to find candles burning inside.

Back on the bike, but we need to stop for road side gasolina at Catavina.

Then several miles down the road we stop for lunch at Chapala.
Chapala is where my compadres and I had dinner during the infamous oil filter incident that happened on my first trip into Baja. It is VERY remote, but they do serve good food.
 This little fella was a bundle of energy, he kept saying, "moto moto" but I couldn't get him to come over to the bike.
 The Chapala restaurant. You don't see any cats, because they are all inside the restaurant in the dining area...

The roads were.....tight!

We make it to Guerrero Negro and stay at the Terra Sal...nice place.

On our way the next morning we stop for 'brunch' at this place. Bev didn't care to much for her omelet because it was covered with shrimp....which turned out good for me as she put them all on my plate. My huevos ranchers were middlin.

Our stopping location for two days, San Ignacio. Originally our plan was to come in February  and do some whale watching here, but then I was called to jury duty on the exact date of our trip. So we had to slip the dates and delay the trip until now. Unfortunately the whale watching season ended the day before we were able to get here. Dang it all!

We still had an enjoyable stay and trip.

I haven't had a sunburn on my legs for quite some time, so I hop into a kayak and paddle upstream to the 'end' of the river, and in the process get some baked legs for my reward...  :)

We go into town and see the San Ignacio Mission - built in 1728 by Jesuit missionary Juan Bautista de Luyando, it is still in use as a church today.

The town square, they were celebrating "Childrens Day". 
Very festive!

And two days later while on our way to Bahia de Los Angeles we make a comfort stop...

....then on to the 'Bay of LA' where we stay in the Villa Vitta hotel. The Villa Vitta was just "ok" but, imho, overpriced for both the room and the food.

More in part 4

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