Friday, December 3, 2010

Misc Riding Around (Video)

The bikes are still snowbound I had to do something, hence this video. Misc pictures of rides in the last 3 years or so, from Georgia to California; hope you enjoy!


BeemerGirl said...

Oh yes! Enjoyed very much. I recognize some of the BRP locations. :)

But of all the wonderful images, I focused on three of the bike going over the edge. WITW???

Ken said...

I took advantage of someone else's misfortune. A cruiser had gone off that road the day before, I used their skidmarks as a photo op, and had a riding buddy take the pics.

I LOVE the BRP and tail of the Dragon etc.. I hope to get back there soon.

Glad you enjoyed the vid.

GF said...

I have been wanting to do the same with my cross country trip with pictures and also with video I took but it's so time consuming :-(
Loved yours and you have great bikes, recognized some of the places too.