Sunday, November 3, 2013

El sol en Noviembre - 4

We are in La Paz, staying at La Perla - we leave our rooms in search of some dinner. Randy starts talking to a guy standing outside a bar and he takes us on a four block walk to a restaurant that he claims is the best in town. It should be good from the prices on the menu.... we leave and find a cheaper place to eat; the Bismark.
 Randy tries to get some free drinks by challenging the Bismark workers to a pushup contest....with me! None of the 30-somethings take the challenge....Whew! Close call! It was all in good fun and there were laughs all around. 
 The garlic shrimp was better than excellent!
 Next up on our party hard night was ice cream!
After a hard night like that, we sleep in a little. 
The view out our window.

 Breakfast - Huevos rancheros

Leaving La Paz we part ways with Randy. He will take a ferry to Mazetlan, Phil and I go on to San Jose del Cabo.

Some pics along the way.

 The Tropic of Cancer.

 I take a guess at where home is and our current location.
Aaaaaand we make it to San Jose del Cabo where we will spend the next 6 days.
Beverly has flown in from SLC and arrives 10 minutes before we do....good timing eh?

The view from the condo deck.
The temps here are perfecto! It is very serene and relaxing, but to tell you the truth.....I'm starting to miss faithful V-Strom, Gen.
This ride report will pick up again when we start for home.

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