Saturday, November 2, 2013

The obligatory tour.

We decide to take a tour.

This what greeted us in the morning.
 Our tour guide, Juan.
 We go out in glass bottomed boat,and see this cool old sailing ship on our way out of the harbor.

Lovers beach. Through the narrow rock is Divorce beach.

After the boat ride we go here:
Beverly asked them to make a turtle, assuming we could purchase it, but what we didn't know is they take 8 to 10 hours to cool we had to leave it there.
Back on the road, we pass this beach.
Then we go into San Jose Del Cabo. This is the mission in town. All around the mission the streets are lined with art galleries, we spend some time shopping there.
 Monday morning Phil and I say good-by to our room and  Beverly, and hit the road. Beverly will catch her flight in  couple of hours.
 I keep hearing a disturbing "bang" sound when I go over the topes or hit a pothole. I'm pretty sure it's coming from my forks. In Ciudad Insurgentes I stop at a Pemex station and ask about a mechanic..they send me to an auto-mechanic shop where the guy in the red shirt works, he in turn tries to tell me where a motorcycle shop is and then says, "I lead you". He jumps in his truck and I follow him to this motorcycle shop. The owner, Renee, is in the blue shirt. 
 Renee gets right to work on my bike. He is done quickly and charges me a very fair price and we are quickly back on the road.
 We stop in Loreto and get a nice room. We park the bikes right at our door and sit on the benches looking at the Sea of cortex.

Tomorrow we hope to reach Catavina. 


Trobairitz said...

Beautiful photos.

What a lovely time. It must have been so neat seeing the old sailing ship as well as watching them make the turtle. Are they going to send you the turtle or it is forever gone?

RichardM said...

Really nice photos. The place seems a lot more built up than it was the last time I was there. What happened to the front end of the bike? (just wondering)

Unknown said...


You're having a great time. Love your photos and wonder if I will ever get there. Glad you got your forks "fixed", wonder what it was ?

I like that place in Loreto. I think I could relax in a place like that for a few days, too bad you have to get home

Riding the Wet Coast

Ken said...

Trobairitz - Alas, the turtle is gone forever. I tried to get her to buy another but....

Richard - I'm guessing it will be more built up by the next time I get there too. It's a happening place!
The bike was a simple (especially since I didn't do it..) fix. The single large bolt on top was quite loose, a result of banging over so many dirt roads I suppose.

Bob - I'm ready to go back already! I would like to rent a house for a month and explore one area. That would be the life eh?