Sunday, February 15, 2015

Any excuse will do

I see a Facebook post about an eatery in Rifle, Colorado called "Shooters Bar and Grill". At "Shooters" all the employees carry a sidearm while least that is what the FB post said.
Sounds interesting, and Bel, our Yamaha Royalstar hasn't been out of the garage for a while, so......any excuse will do. We make hurried plans for a ride to Rifle, Colorado, a short 340 miles away.

I posted open invites on two forums, but we get no takers to go on the trip with  us. Maybe its the time of year, but the forecast calls for temps above 60 for the route of the ride....shouldn't be to bad.
We leave Friday at 3:00 and ride to Green River, Utah stopping at the River Terrace Inn. We dine next door at the Tamerisk, one of my favorite places to eat in Utah. The Salmon was superb!  
This is our view off the deck of our room.
 After a refreshing nights sleep we're off in the morning, but first a stop at the Green River Museum. 
I LOVE melons! 
(Green River is known for great melons of all kinds)
 One more stop at "The Ratio" a sculpture based on the Fibonacci sequence done by Australian artist Andrew Rogers. The sculpture is 44 feet tall and 42 feet wide.
 Beverly chills whilst I play.

We ride the 92 miles from Green River to the Colorado National Monument, near Fruita, Colorado. Follow the red line to see the curvy national monument road.

The Independence rock

 And we make it to Rifle where Shooters is located.
 Beverly gets the grilled chicken salad, I get a chicken fried steak. Both were delicious!
They were actually out of the CFS, but Cade the cook prepared one especially for me and it was well worth the small amount of extra time waiting for it. Thanks to Shooters for a great dinner! Sadly though, none of the servers that night were packing we just enjoyed our dinner and went on our way with out any pics of the staff.
 Well fed and happy.
 Another nights rest and it's time to head for home. The town square clock tells us its time to go.
Our return trip home is nearly the same as going over. 783 miles and waaaaaay more than that in calories for the weekend. 
A pretty nice Valentines weekend for each other, don't you think?
A good ride!


Adrian said...

Looks like a very fun ride!! One more restaurant on my list of "to go"..

Ken said...

Adrian - I'd be willing to go again... :)

Trobairitz said...

Sounds like a great weekend getaway.

New places to dine are a good way to find a destination. I find that is the hardest part of riding sometimes, where to go....