Friday, July 16, 2021

Glacier Nat Park - Awesome Couples Ride 2021 part 2

And then we point our vehicles toward our homes!

On the way......

We make an enjoyable visit to the Saint Ignatious mission. The mission was built in  the early 1890s using local clay for the bricks and other material close by. 
The best part about the mission as far as I'm concerned are the Frescos in the chapel.
Circa 1893 the mission cook and handyman, Joseph Carignano an untrained painter created the 58 frescos in his spare time.

And about 14 miles further down the road we stop for another beautiful and peaceful visit at  the Ewam garden of a thousand Buddhas in Arlee Montana.
And yes, there actually are over 1000 Buddhas, I counted them. :)

 And then, one more sight-seeing stop at the National Historic Landmark "Travelers Rest" where Lewis and Clark stopped for a few days both going and returning.

Then on the road again for the final push home.
We arrived at our homes tired, but happy by mid afternoon. 

This was a super trip. 2005 miles total on some great roads, and awesome times!
It took 3 tries to get Beverly into Glacier NP, the other times we rode up to the park it closed on our way due to fires and/or smoke.

"It is better to travel well, than to arrive" - Buddha

Life is INDEED good!


Motorcycle Paradise said...

I was fortunate to see it on my ride in 2012 and had fabulous weather too. Beautiful place.

Ken said...

MP - Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment!