Friday, July 8, 2022

St George, Triple Crown part 2

 Part 2 of the family vacation and Triple Crown check offs;

At dawns early light....about 8:30 or so I got started. The Cesar Chavez monument doesn't open until 10 so there was no use in starting earlier. I rode the 11 miles nearly to the monument, but stopped short at the Keene Cafe for a super delicious breakfast and a receipt to prove I was there.

After my leisurely breakfast I still arrived early at the monument, but soon enough a nice lady arrived and let me use the passport stamp even though they were not open yet.

I then rode the Woodford-Tehachapi road along the river, to the end where a shell gas station was at. Then used the Keene receipt again for the start of the Caliente Bodfish Road to Lake Isabella road...getting two roads and one park before the morning was over. Nice!

The next road (the next day) was the 190 from Porterville to Kernville

While on the 190 I met this guy, Larry.

In our conversation I learned that Larry doesn't just wish things were better, he works to make society a better place by helping people - who maybe have taken a wrong turn or two - get a skill and then use that skill to gain their footing and be more independent.

Well done Larry! It was a pleasure to meet you.

Then a few miles later stopped here for an excellent lunch!

Then I'm on my way to Sequoia National Park for stamp and pix. Leaving Sequoia I went around the corner to ride one of my all time favorite roads "The Generals Highway" to Kings Canyon National Park and repeated the process.

Then its time to ride to Angels Camp, California where I'll meet up with Beverly and stay for a week. I arrive late as I hadn't planned for the slow (curvy) roads to get there....but it was a super ride!

Tuesday I check off the Ca108 from Sonora to the 395. And then CA 4 back to the condo. A 200ish mile day on numerous curves and switchback...9 hours of awesome riding!

Then we relax, do some site-seeing, relax some more and enjoy the time together.

All to soon it is time for the ride home....the WINDY ride home. It was a long day, but well worth the ohhhhhh soooooooo difficult rides to and from California!

Thanks for reading! 

(Stay toont, I'll be heading back to northern California to check off more parks and roads in about a week.)


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