Thursday, August 5, 2010

Steamboat Springs, Colorado Aug 2010

Time to take a three day trip to Colorado, Steamboat Springs.

Lumpy and I leave Tuesday Aug 3. We're in no hurry so we go over Wolf Creek Pass SR 35, then after Tabiona go on the back roads and wander around the Uinta Basin. We get "lost"....and go through Tridell, Whiterocks, LaPoint, and Maeser, etc. before getting back on the beaten path, hwy 40/191 and into Colorado.

Somewhere between Tabiona and Bluebell is "Pin Willies". Stop there for a mushroom burger if you can! Excellent food, and just a fun place to visit. Another good place for a Burger Run!
Hmmm....looks like a storm is brewing...

Nice country scene.


We press on to Dinosaur, Colorado. We both need new maps so we stop in at the welcome center. Two wonderful ladies are there to welcome visiters. If I had to give them a nick name, it would be the Sunshine Twins! They were great ambassadors for Colorado.

The storm is still brewing, I hope the rain will put out the wildfire!

And then it hits! Hail, then rain, and back to hail...we stopped and take refuge underneath this picnic table cover.

We make it to the condo, and underground parking, bonus! The next morning while cleaning my bike I find a fastener that has loosened to the point of falling out. Lucky for me I have my tools to take off the windscreen and tighten it up.

Oak Creek, Colorado

Motoring to Mt Evans
Uh ohh...gathering clouds!

On the way to Mt Evans we go over Berthoud Pass 11,307 ft

Looking down from the pass on the road we just came up.
On the road again, there are numerous 20 mph hair pin curves....good times!

Finally, Mt Evans. 14,260 Ft. The highest motor road in North America.
And it's raining....
Yellow bellied Marmot.
It's 14 miles from the ranger pay station to the top of Mt Evans...2 more miles to go.
Very curvy, very narrow roads, very good times!
The summit! Well, almost, this spot is about 130 feet below the summit.
I'm leaning on the sign because I'm dizzy at this altitude.

The burned down visiter center.
From the web site: The Crest house was completed in 1941, at that time it was the highest structure in the world. In 1979 a propane explosion destroyed the building, and it was decided to not rebuild.
Even with all the clouds and rain we could see for miles...

Look close and you can see the yellow coat on four levels of road. I'm in the same place for all four pics.

One thing about Steamboat Springs is you see a lot of Hooters! I saw these two while walking back to the condo from the store.

The next morning, while packing to head home we walk out on the deck and see this sight. Fog over the Yampa river.

The ride might notice this is a straight road...

Still on the straight road and getting bored.
Uh ohhhh (again) clouds are gathering!
Nope, not this time, we have beautiful weather to ride home in.
It was a SUPER three days of riding.


willujfan said...

Looks like a great ride. I love Steamboat, great place.
p.s. I could have filled your GOX system, for those higher elevations. I'm learning how to service that you know.

Ken said...

Next time you come along and bring a GOX...a slow fill is a good fill!

Teri said...

WOW!! Awesome Pic's and looks like you both had a great time!!:)