Tuesday, August 3, 2010

V-Strom Rally in South Dakota - Alabama 1

June of 2009 the annual V-Strom Gathering would be held in Rapid City, South Dakota. Three of us Utah riders (Spineguy, Cavehamster, and I)set out June 24 via Yellowstone for the rally.

Near Jackson, Wyoming

In Yellowstone park
Road construction? Here in Yellowstone?

Windy day
Rock slide clean up..
Once out of Yellowstone I see this neat barn...photo op!
Ten Sleep, Wyoming
I make it to Rapid City. My motel room, and Gen.
Four stoney faced, presidential looking guys.....and Spineguy, Tombstone, and Cavehamster.

On the Pig Tail road near Mt Rushmore

We run into some Jackass road hoggers....
And then some bison!

Lots of tunnels!

Crazy horse...in the BACKGROUND!
The Gathering hotel

continued in part 2

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