Tuesday, August 3, 2010

V-Strom Rally in South Dakota - Alabama 3

continued from part 2
ride in Custer State Park, South Dakota

Another cool tunnel
The Keyhole tunnel

After the rally I head towards Alabama. I would meet two of my sons in Wyoming, they had both their bikes in a U-haul, and we would add mine. We needed to get to 'Bama in a hurry to help my daughter's family move into another house, hence the U-haul. Her husband in helocopter pilot school.
Bridge in South Dakota

If you pronounce things wrong like I do, this is kind of funny....

We meet near Cheyenne
Goofy kids!

We make it to Alabama in time to help with the move. Then we go to the very cool Fort Rucker Helocopter museum.

This bear gets painted by each graduating class, grandson standing in front of the bear.

They post has a family day while we are there....good fun!

Here we see the fearless future helocopter pilot completing some of his training....
Visit over, it's time to leave my favorite daughter and her family.
Riding off the base, and on our way
We go north to Burmingham and the Barber Motorcycle museum....an AWESOME place!

Captain America replica
Beware the Thought Police!
Crazy kids!

Weirdos everywhere!

Three handsome dudes!

Leaving Barber

After the museum the boys and I part company. They have to hurry back home, I'm going to take my time and wander around a bit. That night just after I get into my hotel this chruch group gets stuck in the parking lot....bummer!
Next morning I ride towards the Tail of the Dragon! But first, some rain.

The lake just before the twisties of the Dragon
Lots of curves!

The dam and me.
Entering North Carolina
Deals Gap Resort

I've left Deals Gap and motoring to the Blue Ridge Parkway, I see this along the way. A "Primative" church? Hm..

Lots of green.....go to part 4 for more!

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