Monday, August 2, 2010

V-Strom Rally in South Dakota - Alabama 4

Continued from part 3

Blue Ridge Parkway

Thunderstruck Ridge.

Exited the Blue Ridge and stayed overnight in Asheville North Carolina

The next day I'll ride through Tennessee, and on to Kentucky to visit my Cousin and Aunt.

The Cumberland Gap is a pass through the Appalachian Mountains. It is at the juncture of Tennesee, Kentucky, and Virginia.

I get off the beaten path in Kentucky and come across this tiny, peaceful family cemetary amidst the cornfields.

Jefferson Davis, was the only President of the Confederate States of America. He was born in Kentucky June 3rd 1808

An oblisk honoring President Davis

On to the Great River Road, this road follows parts of the Mississippi. I follow it an hour or so then come to a river crossing.

I decide to take a ferry across the Mississippi something I've been wanting to do is take my bike on a here we go!

Exiting the ferry

"Horse and buggy crossing"

Then on to Joplin Missouri and Route get some kicks.

Had I been thinking I could have ridden Route 66 and Route 99 in the same day..all I had to do is turn around!

Still on 66, but in Kansas now.

I run into two beautiful French ladies, one takes a pic while the other makes the pic great!

The only remaining "Marsh Arch Bridge" on RT 66 Constructed in 1923

Nostalgia abounds on 66

In Oklahoma 66 turns into a dirt road. I follow for about 5 miles, then backtrack and find a better - read, faster- way.

Hay! Just after this pic I find a hotel in Miami, Oklahoma. The locals say "MyAma"

Saw this road sign in Oklahoma. The towns of Freedom and Protection...which one would YOU want to live in?

Ribbon road

The sign says, "Remember to see Brent Dellinger the 2005 YoYo Champ at the High School on Saturday." I wish I could have stayed and seen him, but I had to keep moving!

Stayed in Springfield, Colorado that night. The Soldiers for Jesus were staying at the same motel, what a great group of bikers! They were very friendly and personable...and gave me a much needed bottle of water as I arrived! I woke up the next morning and saw these cars. Beautiful! There was a car show going on at the nearby park.

As I was leaving Springfield, these two fawns ran across the road in front of me. Yes, the pic is very blurry...I was trying to ride, and takes these pics, and not scare them at the same time!

Near Gunnison, Colorado

Contintal Divide. Elevation 10,898

Home the next day. Great trip, 2 1/2 weeks, 4740 miles,
States ridden in;




South Dakota



North Carolina







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