Saturday, May 30, 2015

Alaska or bust!

(Departed for the north on April 27, 2015)
I'm almost ready for my ride north. Just a few more farkles to add to the bike and I should be good to go.

First, I ask friend Elmo to fabricate me a gas can holder.

Looks pretty good eh?
Thanks Elmo!

 Second, oldest son Will, gave me a Hula Girl to keep me company on my ride. Grand-son Ryker helps me attach Maui-Mona to the dash shelf. 
Hopefully she stays there and is not gone to maui.....
 Thanks Will and Ryker.
And lastly I  treat my clothes with Permathrin to help keep the mosquitoes away. Here they are drying in the garage on a rainy day. 
I think I'm ready.
I'll be posting trip updates as often as possible.


oldchigger said...

Good luck and Gods speed & care be with you.

Trobairitz said...

Awesome. Have a fabulous trip and post u when you can.