Friday, May 29, 2015

Don't Be A Guberif. part 1 Ak.

Finally the day has arrived!
I depart April 27 - I have two lodging reservations, one for that night in McCall, Idaho and one for my third night in Whistler, British Columbia. Other than that I'll be winging it.

My route to Deadhorse.

I see this in McCall.
I cross the 45th life is not immediately changed.
Doggie motel.
I spy an interesting looking road and take it....after wandering around for a bit it takes me to Palouse, Washington where I find the Green Frog and have this delicious salad with the house made Honey mustard dressing...worth the trip!
I camp near Moses Lake, Washington.
Crossing the border.
Beautiful British Columbia!
Memorial of some sort..
Somebody's Mother didn't love him (or her) enough...

I prepare to enter what looks like a time machine, or a space worm hole access, or maybe a molecular re-organizer.......but nope..... 
......Turns out it was just a bridge.....weird eh?
(end of part 1)

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