Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Flip flops. part 3 Ak.

Leaving the motel at Destruction Bay.
 Just a couple miles and I see this guy.
A couple more miles and I come across the monument to someones loved one. 

Then this...
 And this...
 And this...
 Then finally I'm at the border. The Cutie standing next to me is Rachel. Her Mom is taking the picture. They were there doing the same thing I was.

 And Chrissy, Rachel's hot Mom. Note her footwear... she is determined to wear them all the way to Fairbanks! I was so glad to meet this cute family! (along with Joe, the hubby)
And the last stop before I get to my lodging. I get gas (on a card) then walk in to get a hot chocolate and warm up. I approach the counter to pay and the guy says, "It's on me". "What?" I say. He says, "I'm the manager, it's on me, you have a safe ride".

I have no clue why he did that...
I drank it, warmed up a bit, thanked him and left.

That's it for now. I get tires here and the controller, then I'll ride to Deadhorse on Friday. Updates after that.



Those bears look so quiet... nice trip man! ;-)
Un saludo

Unknown said...

We enjoyed meeting up you at the border and are now following your travels! JOE, CHRISSY & RACHEL