Saturday, May 23, 2015

Home. Ak part 7

A map of the second half of the ride.

 I'm riding alone as Adrian had to bust out some long days so he could get back to work.
I stop here for some hot coffee. 
 I ride to Stewart, BC to stay the night.

The Bear Glacier a few miles before Stewart.

 Leaving Stewart I go off a side road and end up wandering through this tiny First Nation village. The tall totem poles were incredible!
 The next two days find me riding in the Alberta province, past Jasper, and Banff, then into the US.
 Big horn sheep.
Lots and lots of rain, so the camera stays in the pocket.
 I make it home May 28th.
 This was a super trip and adventure. 8300 miles, 31 days, a million smiles!


RichardM said...

I recognize a couple of those places. I stopped at the jade store both ways for the coffee. I don't remember if it was any good just that it was there. Where did you stay in Hyder/Stewart?

Ken said...

Richard - I have to say Hyder/Stewart was about the most scenic and my favorite part of the trip. I stayed at the King Edward hotel. LOTS of other bikers there, some group was doing an Iron Butt thing.
I stopped at the Jade store for the free coffee also and ended up getting some jewelry for Beverly while there....expensive coffee... haha.

Trobairitz said...

You sure rode through some pretty countryside. Glad you made it hem safe.