Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cache Creek, BC to Home

When I leave Cache Creek it's raining.... SurrrrPRIZZZZE!!
So I don't even take out the camera until I see these "tree quilts"  (my words) in Merritt.
Also in Merritt; painted pictures of locally famous people perhaps? But notice some of them have been painted over... Maybe those folks have lost public favor? Hmmm...
Somewhere along this route, I stop at a pull out for two reasons, 
1 -  I need to get my helmet off for a few minutes, and..
2 -  I need to relieve some "pressure..."
There are a couple cars approaching from the opposite direction, and I'm waiting for them to get out of sight before I, well you know.
Then another car pulls over and stops behind me, the middle of the cars grill is lined up on the rear end of my bike, the car is quite close considering that's it's just the us two and it is a large pull out, it might be 3 feet behind my bike.
I make a quick glance and see it is an older woman. Then I go back to savoring my red licorice, and anticipating this woman leaving so I could complete my reason for stopping. But....she stays there in her car.
Are you kidding me?
It's just us other cars in sight or hearing, and my need builds.
Then she finally exits the car, I glance again and quickly recognize she is in distress. "Do you need some help?" I ask.
"No" she says, "I just have this darn cramp in my hip, I was lucky to get the car stopped......"
I glance again at the closeness of our vehicles...

I offer her a calcium pill, but she declines stating her summer home is nearby and she has some meds there.
Then she leaves..........JUST. IN. TIME!

On I go, to the road between Merritt and Princeton.
The flag lady tells me the heavy rains caused this slide. The workers are jack-hammering to knock down potential future sliders.

Then as we are waiting for the go ahead to drive through the slide area, I see a car pull up behind me and it guessed it, Hip Cramp Lady!
I walk back to her car and ask how she is feeling. She says, "I'm fine, I went home and took some....meds." Then she gave me a little wink.....
Hoooo kay, I don't want this woman driving behind me! I go a little faster than normal to put some distance betwixt her and I.

As I was leaving Princeton these (MGs I think) came down the road. I turned around and followed them to the gas station. They were having a group drive. I think there were maybe twenty cars.
I didn't happen to see the two that were next to me at the 100 Mile house motel last week.

On this trip I crossed into Canada twice, and dealt with three (female) Canadian border guards. Both times and all three guards were.....unpleasant.  So as I approached the US border and saw a female at the head of my line I thought, 'Oh boy, here we go again.'
BUT, when it was my turn at the gate imagine my surprise when she acted as if she were actually human!
She was businesslike, and commanded total respect yet still somehow managed to remain ... well, un-bitchy.
Thank you US border guards!
(I'm sure both genders are trained the same and act the same, it just so happens I only dealt with females.)

Back in the USA!

I Stop in Tanasket for a late lunch.

Imagine my gastronomic joy when I see they serve Ivar's by the Sea clam chowder!
If you ride through Tanasket, I highly recommend Shannon's!

On I go, stopping for the night at Republic, Washington.

Off the next morning via Coeur D'Alane, Idaho. I briefly get on I-90 and exit at #34 and I go south on SRs 3,
6, and 9.
Somewhere along that route I stop at a 3 way stop sign. There is a man in front of me in a truck. I can see he is eyeballing me or the bike, I thought maybe my headlight was out or something like that. But then he turns left, and I wait for a car then I turn left. As I round the next corner that man has pulled over and is waving me down. I stop and meet another Strom owner! We have a great chat about all things Strom, and then go on our ways. I told him thanks for flagging me down I enjoyed the conversation.
But - darn my poor memory, I can't remember his name (Mike maybe...), his screen name is Dynomite I think... I hope he reads this and corrects me!

I call home and tell my wife about this incident and she tells me, "It's a good thing you were on your bike and not in the rental car or that wouldn't have happened.." You know, she's right!

I make it to Kooskia, Idaho and stay the night there at the Motor Inn, I'm a repeat customer, they have a decent room at a great price.

And there are only 590 miles between Kooskia and my own bed soooo......
I'm up and on the road early Sunday.

This scene was a few miles south of Kooskia.

Grange, Idaho
Somewhere along the way, two old cars and drivers, and passengers out having fun!
And.............home! I go inside to find some steamy hot chicken soup waiting for me. THAT hits the spot!
Wow, what a fantastic trip!
4,474 wonderful miles... well, ok the rainy ones weren't all THAT wonderful, but they were still pretty darn nice.
I meet so many nice really do meet the nicest people on a ....Suzuki. (If you catch that reference, you are really old!)
Saw a LOT of animals, bear, moose, deer, wolf (I think) and A RABBIT!!!
I'm still bummed about not getting North Dakota, but that just means I'll have to take a trip later this summer.....
British Columbia is absolutely beautiful! Go there, ride there, come home happy!
There is very little, and they are very minor things that I would change about this trip. It just might be the best moto trip I've ever taken. Life is GRAND!

{and that completes the six posts about my trip to Alaska. If you somehow were able to suffer through all six before you read this part, let me know and the next time we ride lunch is on me!}


Adrian said...

What do I get if I read all six twice? Loved it Ken, wish I was riding with you!!

Ken said...

TWO lunches Adrian, but it will have to be a two day ride, where are we going?
We sure enjoyed our time with you guys, and were very happy to meet Aaron and Cynthia!
Good times with good friends!

Unknown said...


Glad you enjoyed British Columbia. of course, you still haven't ridden our best roads which is Hwy 6, Vernon to Nakusp towards Nelson, then the ferry over to Crawford Bay south to Creston but right now the road is washed out due to flooding.

Next time I'll order sunshine and warmer weather for you

Riding the Wet Coast

Ken said...

bob - Maybe I can get that road next time, I'll hold you to that better weather!
I hope your upcoming trip goes well!

Pastor Chris said...

Scooterchick and I stopped at Shannon's in Tonasket for breakfast on the way south. Great food. Enjoyed your report.

Pastor Chris said...

And you meet the nicest people on a Yamaha!! (take that 1965 Honda Cub print ad!)

Ken said...

Scootard - Thanks for the comment, I've neglected my blog for a couple months due to (of all things..) work!
Breakfast at Shannons.... sounds good! Do they have a Chicken Fried Steak?

Blogger said...

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