Friday, September 2, 2022

2022 couples ride

It is time again for our annual couples ride.

This year it will be;
Bikes Westward Ho! 

We will ride to the coast and see the mighty redwoods and enjoy the ocean and other iconic coast sites.

Our first two days on the road will be mostly freeway. Day one is almost 100% freeway day two will be about 50% slab. But once we get those two days and 850-ish miles out of the way we should have some very good moto-roads to ride in California.

Ken and Rooster spiff up their bikes after a long day on the road.

Kaybi gave me this awesome shirt on father's day. It is VERY cooling and comfy! (Eyes closed and all...)

(Thanks Rooster for the photos!)

After this photo op we ride into Crescent City and to our lodging.

We are across the street from this pier so the group minus me went to dinner then walked over to the pier. I begged off preferring to just chill alone for a while.
Thanks Bev for the photo

Tuesday morning we all met for breakfast at 8:00 and had a map talk about where we wanted to ride that day. We ended up riding South to the Mystery tree park.

But first a photo op on the way there..
The sun shining through the trees and mist made for an interesting photo

The beautiful redwoods are amazing to look at. We really enjoyed walking thru them.

We also enjoyed walking 100 feet or so up in the air across these walkways from tree to tree. Beverly really doesn't like this sort of activity but she was a real trooper and right up there with us.

Bev and Paul Bunyan 

Paul's Buttyan

We also spent time at Jedidah Smith Redwood Park wandering on the trails.

Then it's time to go visit Sasquatch at the Bigfoot museum, sadly with all the wildfires going on the museum was closed.

A visit to the Agate Black Sand beach was also in much fun to be had!
Good times!

And then, after 5 days on the coast it's time for us to head for home. 
We go south along the 101 till we reach the 299 and we follow that road toward Susanville. 

However when we reached Willow Creek the smoke was so bad that visibility was very hampered, our eyes were stinging and we could feel the smoke in our throats.

Sasquatch took advantage of the reduced visibility and went out for a walk in the miserably thick miasma.

That's me..good thing I had reflective gear eh?
Thanks Rooster for the pic

We stayed in Susanville the second to last night, then the next day we rode the loneliest Highway, highway 50 in Nevada, through Austin Nevada to Eureka where we stay overnight. We were able to make it home by mid afternoon.

A church in Austin

This was a great 8 day trip our total miles was about 2,500. No machines broke and no people broke either. Both are welcome blessings!
We saw a lot of great sites had a lot of laughter and good fun. 

Life is exceptionally good!

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