Monday, September 26, 2022

SMCA Triple Crown 2022 National Parks 1 - 12

California Adventure Series, Parks
1 - 12
#1 Cabrillo NM

#2 Channel Islands NP

#3 Death Valley NP

#4 Devil's Postpile NM

#5 Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mts NM

#6 Fort Point NHS

When I parked my bike this man approached me and we engaged in a long and very enjoyable conversation. I also learned a TON about the Bay area from him. It is these type of encounters that make traveling so much fun!

#7 Golden Gate NRA

These two Gentlemen stopped and chatted with me for several minutes, then offered to give me a blessing, asking for my safety on my travels. 
Of course I accepted their kind offer and additionally asked that they give my bike a blessing. I normally attend a bike blessing every year, but since I had missed the last two years I took advantage of this opportunity.

#8 John Muir NHS

"May the forest be with you" - John Muir

Visitor Center

#9 Joshua Tree NP

#10 Kings Canyon NP

#11 Lassen Volcanic NP

#12 Lava Beds NP

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