Thursday, September 15, 2022

Mini rock crawler track

For the past several months our family has been playing with 1/24 RCs.

I've had a blast, but even more fun than driving the cars is building a track.

The following link is to a video of my track.

Thank you to Will and Masen for help filming this video.

Stage I is anchored to the wall much as a book shelf would be.

Stage II is on a rolling platform so we can move it out of the way for our once a month dinners then roll it back and time! The Green bridge folds out of the way when the track is rolled around.

My track won't win any beauty contests, but it is a TON O FUN!! I have no idea how much it cost me, I did use scraps and junk that I had laying around and anything I could mooch off neighbors and friends.  Very few new items were purchased to build the track.

Thanks for watching!  

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