Monday, September 26, 2022

SCMA Triple Crown 2022 Best 15 Roads *Northern*

Northern California

(1) Ca 3 Weaverville to Yreka

(2) Ca 108 Sonora to Junction of Ca 395


(3) Ca 120 Jct of Ca 108 to


Riding through Yosemite - road construction stopped me (as well as a looooong line of other motorists) for over an hour. 

After a while several desperate women started quick stepping into the woods and...ummm.... using the trees to almost hide what they were doing. I suppose there were men also doing it, and I could hear children being helped, but before I saw either of those I had turned my back and was looking the other way. 

So, since I was looking the other way a lot, and trying to not see what was going on behind me I took this picture of a hill. Its not that great a picture, but it kept me occupied....

(4) Ca 139 Susanville to Adin

(5) Gazelle/Callahan-Cecilville Rds Gazelle to Cecilville

The gas pumps at Cecilville Road were inoperable...I turned around and did the road in the opposite direction.

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