Sunday, June 6, 2021

California 15 Best roads - part 1 of 4

On the road to a Triple Crown;

In addition to the US 15 Best roads, and the 3 flags classic, et al, Southern California Motorcycle Association also has the 15 best road in California. These next four posts are of my ride on the 15 roads in order of completion. The photos are the required starting and ending gas receipts and at least one picture somewhere along the road. In addition to the three required pictures I posted some that are just fluff as they don't fill any of  the requirements that are part of the SCMA rules.

I started this Ssssssmoking So Cal Classic ride on 4/20 of 2021.

(again, in order of completion)

*Click on the picture to enlarge*

#1 - Ca 190 Olancha to Ca 127 (Death Valley Junction)   - Central California

A very enjoyable ride! One of the items on my mental 'bucket list' was Father Crowley's overlook which I passed twice as I completed this ride. I stopped and spent some time looking it over. Unfortunately I missed two military jets going through the Star Wars canyon by less than 30 minutes....but I still was happy to finally get there and definitely will go back again.

#2 - Amboy/Kelbaker Rd, 29 Palms to Baker  - Southern California

Kelso Station

I'm not lying (ahem)....this was (sort of) near Roys

Also near Roy's

#3 - S22 Montezuma-Borrego Hwy/Borrego Salton Seaway Hwy 2 to Ca - 86  - Southern California

My lodging at the Salton City

The end of this road and the beginning of the next road receipt.
I have visited Salvation Mt several times, but didn't even realize there was a city on the other side of the Salton Sea. 
Before starting on this road, I stayed overnight in Salton City and other than paper thin walls, I enjoyed my lodging and the friendly owners.

#4 - Ca-79 Santa Ysabel to Temecula  - Southern California

The end of the Salton City road and the start of this road.

When I saw this sign I thought this must be an 'Adult recreational facility'.......but it turns out it is just........a Ranch.

Leaping Lizards... I mean Jumping horses!

#5 - "Casitas Pass" Santa Paula to US 101  - Southern California

Five planes flying above the city....I think they might have been doing a 'missing man' formation for a funeral.

#6 - Ca-154 "San Marcos Pass" Santa Barbara to US 101

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