Saturday, June 5, 2021

California 15 Best roads - part 2 of 4

Continuing the SCMA California 15 Best Roads; 

#7 - Ca-1 "Cabrillo Highway" San Luis Obispo to Carmel  - Central California

Elephant Seal point

Ca 1 is an amazing treat!

#8 - G-14 King City to Paso Robles  - Central California

I didn't realize how close I was to the San Antonio De Padua Mission until I saw the sign near Fort Hunter - Liggett, so I entered the Fort to see it, but sadly it was temporarily closed.

#9 - Ca-58 Santa Margarita to McKittrick  - Central California

Another receipt used twice, the above road and this one

Could not find an open gas station near McKittrick so I had to ride about 20 miles to get gas and this receipt.
First number is the odo at McKittrick the second is when I fueled.

#10 - Ca-180 "Generals Highway" Kanawyers to Ca-198 ("do-over" in part 4 - 
I turned and rode on the wrong road, but this was such an awesome ride I'm going to leave this here and enter the correct road in part 4)

Snow on the trees, but this picture doesn't show the rain, hail, and thick fog encountered on this awesome road!

More riding in part 3

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